business readiness workshops

training new work entrants to be energised, informed and ready to deliver

Increase your personal marketability by learning the core business skills needed to succeed in business. The world of business requires a more refined set of skills and personal attributes than those previously used to succeed at school/university. We will open your understanding to what you need to be ready for business.

Employers look favorable on graduates who are ‘job-ready’. You need to build ‘employability skills’ that will demonstrate your maturity and career commitment.

Typically you will have focused on having the right academic results and perfected your job application approach - think beyond this and ask “Do I know what it takes to launch my career with impact?”

Our Business Readiness Foundation Workshop will expose you to the core business attributes, build your confidence and awareness of key performance indicators for success.

Workshop Program consists of:

  • People and Personalities
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Selling and Negotiating
  • Financial Literacy
  • Management
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Action

Program Outcomes:

  • Know your personal self and behaviours of others
  • Understand non-technical skills needed to do business with impact
  • Know what skills you need to apply further through work experience
  • Exposed to the multifaceted world of management
  • Develop interest and commitment to building financial literacy
  • Be able to seek mentors and build your professional network
  • Have an action plan that motivates you

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