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An Investment

Just finalised your recruitment process? You now need to gear up to onboard your Graduate Team in the most inspiring way possible. Seed Value can work with you to deliver this.

Seed Value can:

  • Run your Graduate Program for the full duration including 1st week induction, successive skill building workshops, mentoring and coaching, role rotations and ‘bite‘ sized training and motivational speakers. The full program can span a 12-18 month period but can be condensed to suit business requirements
  • Deliver our own Business Foundation Program. This is a 5 Day program that includes your company induction, and 7 modules of personal and team based essential business skills. This course can be conducted in your company training rooms, off-site venues or live-in conference facilities
  • Review your existing Graduate program to ensure it is Gen Y specific i.e. is pragmatic, relevant and inspiring
  • Run Master Class Briefings for managers and executives to help them understand the mindset of Gen Y and how to work effectively with them
  • Provide access to Seed Value’s Development Centre - a ‘Tool Box’ containing relevant information and tips as well as a coaching and mentoring outreach and reflection service
  • Maintain a Graduate Alumni - connecting Gradates from other Corporates and Universities via structured networking events

Benefits of a well run Graduate Program

We believe investing in graduate training:

  • Ensures the best performance from your graduate team and recruitment process
  • Accelerates a graduate’s contribution to your business so you leverage talent for profit
  • Resists avoidable turnover - graduates see the value you place on them by investing in skill development for future performance
  • Ensures you best utilise the enormous potential young talent can bring to your organisation

The result is highly motivated graduates with strong organisation and career commitment - a definite value to your business.


Our structured approach to training design and delivery ensures you have a credible and targeted program that is right for your organisation and graduates. We commence the process with a requirements confirmation phase, then design a program intergrating modules from Seed Value's framework with your organisation's processes and then move into the delivery and learning phase

Requirements confirmation:

  • Understand the Recruitment Phase
  • Assess current Graduates and understand their experiences/outcomes
  • Consider company values, history, culture, organisation structure
  • Review relevant performance appraisal, exit interview and/or training assessments
  • Review current training materials, for example Operational Health and Safety briefings
  • Discuss recommended changes to the program

Training Design:

  • Define Training Objectives
  • Design Curriculum and Schedules
  • Design Training materials (inc. Presentation Slides, Speakers Notes, Handouts and WorkBooks)
  • Design Training activities
  • Determine delivery mediums (role base, team, individual work books, simulations, on-line)
  • Define Training Evaluation and Success criteria using the Kirkpatrick 4 Levels of Training Evaluation
  • Deliver programs using latest training techniques and best trainers; business simulation, coaching, experiential learning through actor-based role play, self awareness and working effectively in teams.
  • Run Master Class briefings for managers and executives.

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