business readiness workshops

every top performer needs a coach!

To be the best in your field you need a coach who will:

  • Help set goals
  • Provide you with some reality
  • Get you to consider your options
  • Commit to what you can and will do
  • Provide you with tactics to get you working on achieving your goals
  • Kickstart your progress toward your goal
  • Guide you toward achieving the results you want to celebrate

When transitioning from study to business you need a coach who is backing you, someone who understands you and wants the best from you. Our coaches are there to help you navigate the unknown as you transition from study to work.

About Our Ready4Business Career Coaching Program

Seed Value’s career coaching is a structured program with 3 progressive and intentional phases.

Self Assessment

Understanding your:

  • Personality
  • Communication Stye
  • Motivators / Passions
  • Skills
  • Values
  • Needs
  • Constraints

Career Map

Defining your Direction

Career Aspirations

Areas for Exploration

  • Industry
  • Roles
  • Location
  • Duration

Business Readiness

Define and Prepare your:

  • 12 month Pursuit
  • Action Plan
  • Resume
  • Marketing Plan
  • Interview Strategy
  • Offer Negotiation

Each phase requires your full commitment as well as trust in the process. This process is all about coaching you to be your business as you enter the world of business.

Who should enrol in our career coaching programs?

Programs are designed for anyone entering or emerging into the world of business. You could be:

  • just graduating secondary school
  • half way through your university studies and now a little unsure you are headed down the right track
  • applying for your first job
  • you have your first real ‘career’ job, feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance

Typical thoughts and decisions for new work entrants

New work entrants have the world at their feet but with so much going and with so many decisions to make it can be really confusing. For example, some thoughts/decisions can be:

  • Should I take a part-time job?
  • Should I take a gap year?
  • I have an interview but don’t know what to expect and am I prepared?
  • I don’t like what I’m studying, am I headed in the right direction?
  • Will my resume get me to 'standout' from the rest?
  • I have a job offer but not sure if the job is right for me right now?
  • I’m working in my first ‘career job’ and feel lost, like I’m not doing things right
  • What possibilities would work for me?

Our experienced coaches are familiar with these types of challenges and know how to help guide school leavers through the thinking and decision-making process.

Our methodology helps give clarity and vision to addressing these thoughts and decisions.

Our 3 Coaching Programs

Ready4Business Career Navigation

This program is designed for new work entrants about to transition from study to work but have a number of ‘unknowns’ they need to be coached through. This program focuses on identifying the right career path and setting up your ‘Commitment to Proceed’

It is suitable for:

  • Secondary School Leavers
  • Tertiary Students/Graduates

Program Overview

  • 6 face-to-face coaching session with your personal career coach
  • Career Fit report based on your values, personality preferences and priorities in life
  • Resume/Cover Letter review
  • Career Map generation
  • Honest feedback aimed to assist with nailing your first impression and strengthen your business performance on your first day

Additional sessions with your personal career coach can be purchased should you want to extend your coaching program to achieve your career goals

From being fully engaged in this program participants will gain an understanding of themselves and what career paths are best suited to their personal preferences. Participants will be ready to launch their career with insight and impact and will have a pathway defined to achieve personal success as they start their journey beyond education

$1,800 per person

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Career Kickstart Program

This is short program designed to help align students and parents. During the program parents gain an insight into their child’s personal preferences and career options that typically suit their child’s personality type, values and priorities. The information will allow parents and students to focus on factual data and allowing parents and students to discuss their hopes, dreams and possibilities for their future.

Program Overview

  • 3 face-to-face coaching sessions with a personal career coach
  • Personality diagnostic to understand preference toward work and communication styles
  • Careers Options Assessment
  • Opportunities Action plan

Progressing through is program will provide parents with an understanding of their child’s career, life and personality preferences. From this point of understanding parents can work in partnership with their child to plan a pathway to toward achieving future goals and support their child to kick start their life after secondary school

$650 per person

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Experienced Hire Coaching

Just because you have landed your first ‘real career’ job doesn’t always mean you are doing things right. It can be confusing and dauting working out the dynamics of a work environment. Your confidence may be dwindling because you haven’t learnt the ‘ins and outs’ of work protocol or you might be struggling to communicate effectively with your work associates.

Starting a new phase in life means you have to learn new skills and yes, at times you will experience failure. It’s similar to becoming a tennis player; you start out enjoying a hit of tennis with friends, you know you can play on the court, but you are not your best until you get properly coached. You take on a coach who will:

  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses
  • Work on improving your form
  • Give you suggestion to improves your form
  • Make you commit to training and changing
  • Take you to the next level in your tennis performance
  • Get you noticed for being successful in your field
  • Celebrate your success

This coaching program is suitable for new work entrants who have been working in their field for up to 2 years. Someone who has gained an understand the dynamics of their work environment but may feel like they are not progressing, they get a few things wrong and know that with coaching they could be better.

Program Overview

  • 6 face-to-face coaching sessions with your personal career coach
  • MBTI Career Performance activity including;
    • Detailed review of your personal preferences in a work setting
    • Insight into how you can be perceived by others
    • How to work more effectively with complex personalities
    • How to have tough and honest conversations
    • Identify strategies to work more effectively with your manager and/or peers
    • How to promote yourself so you can go for promotion
  • Set up a Career Map with deliberate purposes
  • Explore your possibilities

$2200 per person

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We want to coach you and lead you to successfully launch your career with impact and insight. So, join us, your Ready4Business Coach and register for a program that suits you.

It will be life changing

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Seed Value

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